2018 Strengthening Rural Families Annual Letter

November 27, 2018

Dear Friend, Supporter, and Neighbor,

We are asking for your consideration during our annual campaign. In addition to this direct donation drive, our board has launched an effort to solidify the longevity of Strengthening Rural Families, and our mission, through an investment and endowment strategy. We are continuing with two options for supporting us; either directly for general operations, or by helping us build for the future with the investment fund.

Alsea Pups Preschool children at play

Our goal is to double the board-directed fund from its current size of $16,500 to $30,000 and create an endowment that, like the investment fund, will support our future operations. This will stabilize and enhance our ability to serve people living in rural communities. As the fundraising and grants landscape is shifting, it is important to have a diverse set of savings and income sources for our organization.

Direct donation dollars continue to be important to our ability to raise other funds, maintain programs, advocate for our neighbors and participate in the coalition work that makes a positive difference in rural communities.

Your contribution provides a meaningful benefit to our rural neighbors.  Many of the families we serve have children who are “at risk”. They struggle with poverty, inadequate nutrition and access to quality childcare or healthy housing.

‘Responding to Challenging Behaviors’ Game-Changers Workshop with Facilitators Ronnie Hansen & Jill Williams

After taking a parenting education workshop or class series,  parents were asked how their class participation has impacted their family: “I feel more confident with decision-making / boundary setting / standing my ground with family, friends, etc.” “Very positively—better social skills, more exposure to a variety of activities and children he doesn’t get at home.”



At Strengthening Rural Families, our guiding principles are to:

  • Ensure that all individuals and families have access to social support, community education and health services in their rural communities.
  • Advocate for rural children, teens, adults and families.
  • Build programs in collaboration with individuals, families, school districts, community agencies, businesses and other organizations.
  • Strive to meet the needs of all cultures while honoring the positive community traditions and values of our rural community members.
Mindful Movement student at CPS

Our programming is important to the individuals, children and families we serve. Your assistance is vital for the work we’ve been accomplishing in rural Benton County. Here are a few words from parents who were asked what they appreciated about it: “I liked the perspectives; strategies are reasonable and teacher is clearly experienced.” “Plain and well planned. Used everyday situations and great strategies and explaining the working of a child’s mind.”

Please support the long-term viability of our organization. When you donate, you will receive a receipt from us to use for your tax filing, as donations to Strengthening Rural Families are tax-deductible. If it is more convenient, you may contribute on-line by clicking on DONATE NOW, Network for Good.

Thank you for all your support. We wish the best for you and your family during this holiday season and for the new year.

Your Friends at Strengthening Rural Families