Career Opportunities

Strengthening Rural Families

…working together to build stronger families and communities in rural counties.

Strengthening Rural Families is an equal opportunity employer.

Philomath Community Coordinator

Position Description:

Promote Strengthening Rural Families’ (SRF) mission, initiatives, services, programs, and events. To engage with, advocate for, educate and mobilize community members in Philomath and surrounding areas. Act as the primary person to organize and coordinate program events, recruitment, and marketing, finding, and negotiating use of facilities, working with agencies and event collaborators, advertising volunteer opportunities, assuring necessary supplies, meal preparation and childcare.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Continually keep track of community needs related to maintaining healthy families. Conduct community assessments with the assistance of other SRF staff.
  • Assist in building relationships with local families, school staff, churches, community groups, local government, and social service agencies that serve the local population in an outgoing, engaged and friendly manner.
  • Assist in distribution of resources, promotional and advertising materials for SRF and its partners in the community.
  • Recruit participants for classes, services, and programs. Follow current OHA COVID protocols.
  • Communicate with class instructors to assure logistics are in place. Work with instructor throughout class to assure the class is going smoothly and proper paperwork is being completed.
  • Recruit and supervise local childcare providers (paid and volunteer).
  • Partner with community and coalition partners to connect families with community resources, as needed.
  • Be responsible for class and program evaluations, and other information for grant reporting. Document hours worked, operate within budget and submit receipts for reimbursement.
  • Be available on regular basis to answer questions regarding local SRF and partner events, communicate, as necessary, with families that are registered for events (e.g. reminder calls), and participate in local events to increase community engagement.
  • Participate in Strengthening Rural Families staff, trainings, community, and coalition meetings.
  • Other duties as deemed necessary by SRF Executive Director.

Job requirements:

  •  Must have excellent communication skills, both spoken and written.
  • Management skills, computer literacy, including proficiency at word processing, spreadsheets, data entry
  • Attention to detail, organizational skills, and completion of tasks. Be able to work independently
  • Active involvement in local community, with reliable transportation and proof of insurance
  • Must be able to pass an ODE and criminal history check
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination may be required

Pay: Starting at $15.50-$16.50/hr, 15-20 hours per week, depending on organization’s funding or activity level. Additional hours may be added with the approval of the Executive Director. Eligible for wellness bonus and retirement program at 30 hours per month.

If you are interested, please send cover letter, resume, and employment application to Paul Smith by email: Position is open until filled.

If you have questions, please call the SRF office at (541) 929-2535. You can find the employment application above.

Strengthening Rural Families is an equal opportunity employer.

Childcare Provider

Position Description: 

Strengthening Rural Families is a nonprofit organization that provides parent education and other programming to families in rural Benton County. Childcare Providers will provide responsible, dependable childcare and program support. SRF will provide training.  They will lead childcare programs during our classes and events around rural counties. (Alsea, Mill City, Monroe & Philomath.)

Job Responsibilities for Childcare Providers:

  • Greet families and children, help transition them into childcare
  • Plan and implement activities for children
  • Check to make sure supplies are in place for activities
  • Oversee consistent implementation of activities and program procedures
  • Complete nightly childcare paperwork
  • Work with the Community Coordinator to problem solve behavior issues.
  • Put away childcare supplies and communicate with community coordinator to maintain adequate supplies.
  • Help community coordinator with classroom and food service setup and clean up.
  • Document hours worked

Job Skill Requirements:

  • Must be bilingual in English and Spanish.
  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Must enjoy working with children; prior experience providing childcare is important
  • Dependability, reliability, ability to follow direction and take on responsibility and friendliness is essential
  • First Aid, babysitting certification is preferred
  • Should be able to provide own transportation to the childcare site
  • If out of high school and 18 or over, you must be able to pass an ODE criminal history check

Pay:  Starting at minimum wage, 3-7 hours per week, with class length varying.  Those interested should contact SRF at 535 S. 19th Street, #152, Philomath, OR 97370 or by phone (541) 929-2535 for more information and to pick up a job application.