Alsea Pups Preschool

Our Preschool

Alsea Pups Preschool is a certified childcare center for children ages 3 to 5 with up-to-date immunizations. This is a Preschool Promise classroom. Our mission is to provide affordable education and high-quality care and kindergarten readiness for children who will soon transition into kindergarten. We work together with families to help children learn, develop and promote early literacy while cultivating their social-emotional awareness.

Our preschool is a collaboration between Strengthening Rural Families (SRF), the Alsea School, and Alsea Pups Preschool families. 

For the 2022-23 school year, we have openings, so families who have children 3 and 4 should get their applications filled out now! Preschool Promise registration/application is open now: Link here: Free Preschool – Pollywog (  On the Pollywog site, go down and choose PRESCHOOL PROMISE to get to the application.

Strengthening Rural Families has received a Preschool Promise Program grant from the Oregon Department of Education -Early Learning division. The PSP is a publicly funded program that offers free preschool to families who live in Oregon with children who are at least 3 years old but not yet eligible for kindergarten and whose incomes are at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline. For 2021-2022 SRF applied for and received an Income Eligibility Exception for Frontier and Rural Communities, which allows for all families to qualify for PSP, regardless of income level.

All Alsea Pups families will be required to fully complete the PSP application process before the start of preschool. Complete the online application and submit any required documents. This is a mandatory part of the program registration and is in coordination with the Early Learning Hub.

The funding provides an increase in resources to address the current gaps in access to affordable, high quality, culturally relevant preschool opportunities for families experiencing challenges. High quality preschool is one of the most effective strategies for closing the opportunity gaps, preparing children for kindergarten and ultimately raising school achievement.

The Alsea Pups Preschool could not exist without these combined funding sources. The preschool needs your active involvement to keep things running for all families. If the Preschool was strictly fee for service, without the shared funding, tuition would exceed $11,500 per year, per student. 

This is a Preschool Promise classroom and has eligibility requirements. Your child must be enrolled prior to the first day of school, including a registration packet from Ms. Mirium at the Alsea Pups Preschool. We will need a copy of your child’s birth certificate, and current immunization records for our records, so please be prepared. (We can take a copy of the birth certificate here.) If you do not have your child’s birth certificate, please order one now. 

Please contact Lauri @ or Ms. Mirium at IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN attending Alsea Pups Preschool in 2022-23, so we can make sure you complete the forms you need to and we can connect you to the coordinated enrollment specialist.

Process for enrollment:

3. Complete registration packet from the Alsea Pups Preschool. Call Mirium at the preschool for more information.
You do not need to fill out an application or complete a registration packet if you have already done one for a previous year.

As a member of our preschool, your child:

  • will be encouraged to be safe and respectful to others and to the classroom learning environment
  • will be encouraged to create habits of listening, sharing, concentration and pride in their achievements
  • has the chance to establish a foundation of reading, writing, mathematics and science through well-chosen stories, songs, rhymes and games
  • will leave better prepared for kindergarten and elementary school
  • is in a preschool that views you as a partner in helping your child and the classroom succeed

Contact Us:

Mirium Ulm, Preschool Director, Lead Teacher & Alsea Community Coordinator

Preschool Phone: (541) 487-3106

Alsea School: (541) 487-4305

Preschool Address: 178 S. 3rd St., Alsea, OR 97324